kneading time! Erwin’s had a rough day..

inspired by februeruri's cat!dadAU


I really wanted to make him lose (because Mike’s boobs), but I love Nile and I love making fun of him more. 

This is the real reason the MP and SL butt heads - Nile loses every damn year to some combo of Mike, Erwin, and Pixis.


I present to you the official dictionary entry for “old men yaoi”. 
(manga by Pechiko / translation by konekojita)


Some Eruri sketches (and Erwin on bottom!) for Aileine, who draws some incredible Levi and Erwin!


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if i sent you another ask here would that help hahaha idk you're just???? really sweet and it's always nice to find nice people like you here when there's so much negativity swirling around. YOU'RE JUST REALLY SUPER FABULOUS and i wish nothing but the best for you ~ i wish i saw you on my dash more often but alas i am on tumblr at the wrong times apparently rrr

WAIT I might have an idea of who this is but I’m not entirely sure because I’m a big doofus omfg. BUT IT’S PERFECTLY OKAY IF YOU WANT TO STAY ANON 8D;; And you’re the one who’s REALLY SWEET AND NICE AHH. I’m super gomen for not being on your dash more often though, why must timezones exist WARGH. Thank you so much for the kind words though, you’re absolutely wonderful and…and…every synonym of “nice” (omfg I’m so bad at expressing myself V_V;;)~

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what am I doing with my life

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-The unfinished SNK fanbook-
this was suppose to be a long 28 pages and i almost done with it, when my macbook hard disk suddenly broke down. Almost all part of the book were gone for good, alongside with my other works/Jobs that haven’t been backed up.

i’m having a terrible artblock since then.
i decided to scrap this and start brand new eruri book instead.
So Sorry.

Hope u guys have a superb new year celebration~